The Toronto North Dental Hygienists’ Society (TNDHS) has come a long way since its beginning back in 1972. At that time, component groups of ODHA were meeting in the province and Toronto had four separate groups. Two of these groups were the Willowdale Dental Hygienists’ Society with Helen Fish Wanger as the contact person and the North Toronto Dental Hygienists’ Society with Carole Ono as the contact person. By 1974, only the Willowdale group continued to meet and by 1977 they were officially recognized by the ODHA as the Toronto North Dental Hygienists’ Society.

The membership fee in 1977 was $1.00 and by the following year it increased to $10.00! Initially, registration was low, ranging from 10-15 members. As a result, meetings took place in each other’s homes. There were no speakers at that time but they met to share ideas, common experiences and interests and to promote the professionalism of dental hygiene. In later years, as membership began to increase in numbers, they met at the DENTSPLY offices and then at the Hillcrest Library at Leslie and Cummer. On a monthly basis, volunteers set up the room with chairs and hostess volunteers supplied snacks and brewed coffee.

Membership enrollment continued to grow and Toronto North needed a new venue. In 2002, we moved to our present location, the Beth Tikvah Synagogue. Our executive committee of volunteers maintain their roles and refreshments are now catered. Presently, we have over 250 members who meet in a spacious location to hear speakers and topics that contribute to continuing education activities, promote professionalism and interact with colleagues.

(Some of this history comes with thanks from lifetime member, Bev Kassirer Shniffer’s book, “Challenge and Achievement, History of the Ontario Dental Hygienists’ Association”).